WTA and ATP announce adjustment to 2020 calendar
2020-07-24 09:07:29

Beijing, 24th July, China Open has been informed by WTA and ATP that the tournaments in Chinese mainland will have to be canceled for the rest of 2020, which we feel truly regrettable. However, we believe that for the purpose of ensuring global COVID-19 pandemic control and protecting the overall health and well-being of humanity, this is the right decision to make. Here we would like to extend our sincere gratitude in particularly to our fans, sponsors, business partners, media, etc, for their continued interest and support for China Open.

Prior to this, with the support from the General Administration of Sport of China and Beijing Municipality, China Open has been working on different plans for the tournament in 2020, formulating a series of protocols under various possible scenarios. Now that WTA and ATP have announced the cancellation, there will be a longer staging period for the China Open in 2021, allowing us to make all the preparations to the fullest. Soon the planning for the new season will be started, and we are confident that the China Open in 2021 will be even more exciting and worth waiting for.

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