Tickets FAQ

  Tickets FAQ


  Q:When will the 2009 China Open Tennis Tournament tickets go on sale?

  A:Booking of the 2009 China Open Tennis Tournament tickets (or the ticket for short) starts from March 26, 2009. Purchasers can make reservations via channels advised on China Open website. Sales of the tickets start on May 18, 2009. You can buy tickets at the ticket boxes of Ticketmaster China, the ticket agency designated by China Open Organizing Committee.

  Q: How do I book the tickets?

  A: Please call ticket hotline: 400-707-9999, or visit the designated ticket agency website:

  Q: Who will be competing at 2009 China Open?

  A:2009 China Open is upgraded to Asia's top tennis tournament and had become the only one in Asia which includes men’s, women’s and junior’s events. The total prize money is up to 6,600,000 U.S dollars in 2009. China Open now equals with the well-known Indian Wells Tournament, Miami Sony Ericsson Open and Madrid Open as one of the Premier Mandatory. Over 100 world top tennis players are drawn to compete at China Open. Half of the top 30 male players will attend the tournament and all the top 50 women players are obliged to compete, as China Open has become one of the four "crown jewel” tournaments. Big names like William Sisters, Dinara Safina, Jelena Jankovic, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic will be on the China Open 2009 entry list.

  Q: Are there any other activities I can attend besides watching the matches?

  A: Yes. There are a vast amount of entertainment programs you can attend, that include: Food and Beverage-Service, tennis games, show and performance, giveaway presents. You can definitely enjoy watching tennis, wowing your stars, and entertaining yourself all at the same time.

  Q: Do you offer general admission tickets?

  A:General admission tickets are available at 30 RMB for purchase. These tickets allow access to general admission seating on outer courts and to designated general admission sections on a space available basis.

  Q:What should I do if I want to buy women’s events tickets or man’s events tickets?

  A:2009 China Open hosts both man’s and woman’s events. With the ticket to any session, you can watch both man’s and woman’s match.

  Q: How do I know if I made a successful reservation?

  A:For online booking, you will receive confirmation phone calls from TicketMaster China staff. For phone ticketing and box office ticketing, please confirm with the TicketMaster China staff directly.

  Q: How do I pay for my booking?

  A: The following payment methods are available: online payment, payment at box office, payment upon delivery, bank transfer and telephone payment (this service is restricted to VISA, MC, JCB, AMEX only).

  Q: How do I obtain the tickets I booked?

  A: You can either pick it up at the box office or have it delivered to you.

  Q: Is there a maximum restriction on how many tickets one can buy?

  A: There is no maximum restriction on how many tickets one can buy. If the TicketMaster does not receive the payment three days after the reservation, the booking shall be canceled.

  Q:How do I book tickets from overseas?

  A:Phone booking hotline: 400-707-9999


  Q: Can overseas fans book tickets directly with China Open?

  A: Please call the designated ticket agency, the TicketMaster China booking hotline: 400-707-9999 or visit its website:

  Q:Can I buy tickets else where outside Beijing?

  A: Yes. It is possible to buy tickets at TicketMaster’s box office in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chendu, Wuxi, Haining, Suzhou, Nantong. Or you can choose to pay online or by bank transfer. The tickets will be delivered to you after payment is received.

  Q: How do I receive tickets from online booking?

  A: You can choose either to have the tickets delivered to you or you can pick them up at the Ticket Master’s box office. (Add: North Gate, Beijing Workers' Stadium, Gongti Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing).

  Q: Can I choose my seats?

  A:2009 China Open offers three categories of tickets which vary in price from different distance. You can choose the seats on the ticket terminal at the box office of the Ticketmaster.

  Q: In which way can I buy a better-view ticket?

  A: In all the ways advised on the website. The earlier you make you booking, the more likely you can buy better-view ticket.

  Q: Is it more difficult to buy ticket for matches held on weekend?

  A: Weekends all host important matches. It is advised to book and buy tickets earlier.


  Q: Are there other fees or taxes charged upon the ticket besides the ticket price?

  A: For deals less than 400 RMB, 10 RMB will be charged for delivery within the fourth ring road area. No delivery fees will be charged upon tickets with a value over 400 RMB within the fourth ring road area, but fees will be charged for delivery beyond the area. For further information, please call 400-707-9999.

  Q: Where can I obtain detailed information regarding the tickets?

  A: You can either browse through the ticketing block at China Open website or call the ticket hot line: 400-707-9999.

  Series Ticket Packages

  Q: Are there series Ticket Packages at 2009China Open?

  A: Yes. There are day passes and through packages. Centre Court through package costs 2000RMB, and Court No. 1 through package costs 1500 RMB. The day pass also enjoys lot of benefits. For more detailed information on pricing, please consult the Ticket Master website.

  Q: Are series ticket packages have reserved area?

  A: With series ticket packages, spectacular can choose seat in the reserved areas.


  Q: Where is the venue?

  A: China Open 2009 will be held in Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Center. It is situated in the northernmost end of Olympic Forest Park. Add: No.2 Lincui Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing.

  Q: How do I get there?

  A:Subway: Take the subway to Olympic Forest Park, Line 8 (Olympic spur, connects with Beitucheng, Line 10). Walk west (10 minutes) to the main Forest Park entrance.

  Buses: Take bus line 510/466 or the Olympic bus line 1, and get off at the Lincuilu station.

  Driving: Go long the North Fifth Ring road and turn to the south at the Lincui Bridge. The west gate of Tennis Center is to your right on the Lincui road.

  Q: Can I return or exchange tickets?

  A: ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS, under any circumstance. A reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the Holder of this ticket at a subsequent session or the next year’s session if the session for which this ticket is issued is postponed or canceled due to weather or other causes beyond our control and it is in line with the rain policy and related articles speculated by China Open Organizing Committee.

  Q: What if I lose my ticket? Is there any remedy measures?

  A: There is no replacement ticket, so please keep your ticket well.

  Q: When is the ticket valid at the gates?

  A: Tickets allow you to access the venue 1.5 hour before the announced match time.

  Q: May I smoke in the stadium?

  A: Smoking is not permitted in the stadium. Thank you for your cooperation.

  Q: What can I do if I am unable to use my tickets? Can I give my tickets to others?

  A: It is allowed to transfer your tickets to others, but fraudulent buying and selling ticket is strictly forbidden.

  Q: How do I know the match is postponed in case of rain weather?

  A: There will be broadcasting at the venue and post notices. Spectaculars can also obtain information at or

  Q: What is your pet policy?

  A: No pets will be allowed in the venue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.