Ticket policy

  Ticket policy

  Spectacular Information

  1.Admission to the venue will begin 1.5 hour prior to the competition. We appreciate your cooperation with the necessary security checkpoints.

  2.It is strictly forbidden to bring any of the mentioned articles into the venue: knives, inflammable and explosive articles, lighters, matches or other lighting items, food and beverages in either hard or soft containers.

  3.There is no locker service at the venue. Please do not bring large bulky bags or case which will not fit in the seating areas so as to avoid delays at security and to maintain an orderly flow.

  4.The following behavior in the venue is considered inappropriate and will be stopped: Smoking, climbing over barriers, walking on seats, throwing objects into the stands or field of competition. No photographing, videotaping or audio taping is allowed.

  5.All spectaculars must sit in their designated seats. No tickets are valid without a Ticket stub attached. Late spectaculars must wait till break time to make entries. Please ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Tournament organizer has the right to arrange audience to untaken seats. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by adults.

  6.Please keep quiet during the matches and power your cell-phone off or switch it to the mute mode. Avoid standing for long periods in the stands.

  7.After the competition please refrain from running for the exit so as to avoid a potential safety hazard. Also, please do not loiter in the venue after the game has finished.

  8.Please be sure to purchase your tickets only at designated ticket boxes. Damaged/scratched tickets, or tickets purchased from sources other than the TicketMaster may be denied entry.

  9.When you purchase your ticketsplease check to confirm the date, venue and seat number for the match you wish to attend. In the event of a postponed or delayed match due to unsuitable weather or other unexpected forces of nature, please contact the organizer for a solution. No ticket agency is authorized to refund any tickets.

  Rain policy

  1. This policy applies to all individual holders of central court tickets and court 1 tickets purchased from the Ticketmaster, its authorized box offices or the China Open ticket office.

  2. All ticket sales are final C NO REFUNDS C NO RETURNS C under any circumstance.

  3. The China Open Tennis match will be considered proceeding normally under such circumstances:

  The day session starts before 17:00;

  The evening session starts before 21:45;

  The Competition has convened for more than half an hour.

  4. No tickets exchange will be permitted when the competition proceeds normally.

  5. If the tournament or a session(s) is postponed far beyond what is stipulated in policy 3, it will be considered cancelled. The ticket holders then can exchange tickets for another session. Please note the following for exchanging tickets.

  a. Ticket holders must retain the ticket for the canceled match as the proof for exchange. If the original ticket is lost, ticket exchange request will not be granted.

  b. Ticket holders can exchange for tickets of the same value for a subsequent session designated by the China Open Organizing Committee. Substitute tickets can only be obtained at the ticket office located by the audience entrance.

  c. Ticket holders can substitute their tickets for the 2010 China Open sessions at the same value. The exchange shall start once the ticket goes on sale. Such request will be dealt with at the Ticketmaster office located at North gate of Beijing Workers' Stadium. Tel: 010-65516590

  6. This policy is not applicable to Complimentary Ticket holders.

  7. China Open Organizing Committee reserves the right of the final explanation of this policy.

  Spectacular tips:

  1.Please be quiet and do not walk around during the competition. No applause during the serves, no use of cell phone and no flash photography.

  2.Spectaculars may retreat during the break between sets, and make entries when the players change ends.

  3.All sales are final. No refunds or returns will be permitted, if the tournament or a session(s) is postponed or cancelled due to weather or other causes beyond our control.