China Open is the only international tennis tournament in China which is named after China, and the name has been officially approved by the General Administration of Sport of China. The event is hosted by the General Administration of Sport and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, and organized by the Tennis Administration Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, the People’s Government of Beijing Chaoyang District and China Open Promotions Limited.

China Open was launched in 2004, and is held in Beijing once a year regularly. It owns the right to host the tournaments of the three international tennis organizations (ATP, WTA and ITF), and it is the most comprehensive international tennis event with the highest level and the most players in Asia. In 2009, China Open was upgraded in an overall manner, ranking the world’s top eight (including the four Grand Slam) and the first-class in Asia, among which, the women’s tournament was upgraded to the four WTA Premier Mandatory Events (only next to the four Grand Slam), and the men’s tournament was upgraded to one of the eleven ATP World Tour 500 series (only next to the four Grand Slam and ATP1000 tournaments). The total reward of 2014 China Open is up to 8.1 million US dollars, including 5.58 million US dollars for WTA tournament and 2.52 million US dollars for ATP tournament.

As the symbol of Beijing in the post-Olympic era, China Open is continuously improving the popularity and international influence of the event. Taking the year of 2013 as an example, the tournament attracted about 304,148 live spectators as the whole number; the domestic broadcasting exceeded 370 hours, covering 1.24 billion audience; the international broadcasting reached 6,537 hours, covering 127 television stations and channels from 157 countries and regions all over the world; the official website attracted 14 million visits, together with various forms of advertising and promotion.

  • The men's singles trophy: [Jinou everlasting Cup]

    The cup body decoration and Qing Dynasty emperor Qu Ziming imperial robe hem "freight". The waves rolled, rock stand, this pattern is known as the "sea cliff Jiang", meaning Fukuyama Hisakai rule. The articles the king air, and won in a spirit. Ssangyong Shenzi peace and the friendship of the Chinese people, reflecting the net outside competition of friendship, exchange content, consistent with traditional Chinese "Le Mo Le Xi New Acquaintances" spiritual connotation.

  • The women's singles trophy: [long] Ding

    With the tripod as the prototype, has a double meaning: one refers to the peak of harmony. China today's harmonious world. "China Open tennis tournament" in the peak of the year in a harmonious country, the tennis elite to live in harmony, for the world to contribute a wonderful event. Two fingers ahead in the net. Mean, winner of the China Open tennis tournament for today's tennis top athletes, embodies the athletes sworn, and strive to win the king of spirit.

  • Doubles trophy: [Grand]

    Doubles trophy creativity comes from celebrating together, embodies the China drinking glasses, the hospitality of the people. Shape from the traditional jazz, to hit the two grand to show doubles projects need sincere cooperation between athletes, show is a kind of victory after the joy. Jue in the history of China's first wine, princes and lords, is a symbol of the identity of the glory and the guests respect, taking the opportunity of the prototype, reflect the net won doubles titles of honor and glory. Double Jazz passion collision, "V" word meaning gap, intermediate success, victory. Cup body shape, decoration around commensurate, reflecting the cooperation between athletes.

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