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Sitting Roller Coaster, Li Na's 2011 Season

2011-10-02 21:37

  Na Li held a press conference for different media outlets following her defeat Oct. 2 to Monica Niculescu on Center court at the 2011 China Tennis Open.

  Li sat behind a table adorned with flowers during the conference, still wearing her pink tennis outfit from the day's match.

  Reporters and press asked questions of the player forcing her to examine her impressive performance this season that she referred to as, "sitting in a roller coaster."

  She spoke on the importance of confidence in playing well at tournaments. "Confidence should be built on victories," Li said.

  Li explained the impact of losing in her home country at the new China Open stadium, "You know, in China is special.Biggest tournament in China. Of course I want to do well. Also I know if I do well in this tournament, for sure I can play Championships," Li said.

  In lieu of the loss Li examines her current state, "So I think right now it's end of the season, so it's long break for me,like not only for the body, for the mind also. I think that was more important. So hopefully I can stand up again and prepare for next year."

  The China Open is the last tournament Li will be competing this year if she is not qualified for the WTA final event in Istanbul, Turkey.


    By: Julia Boudreau