Transcription of Press Conference: Venus Williams(USA)

2009/10/03 22:55

  Date: Oct. 3rd, 2009 Time: 09:30 p.m.

  Scores: Venus Williams (No.3 seeded player) defeated Vera Dushevina (6-2/7-6) and advanced to the 2nd round.


  Aces: 9 Double Faults: 6

  1st Serve %: 52% 1st Serve Points Won: 26/35(74%)

  2nd Serve Points Won: 15/32(47%) Break Points Saved: 6/9(67%)

  1st Return Points Won: 24/53(45%) 2nd Return Points Won: 17/27(63%)

  Break Points Won: 5/11(45%) Total Service Points Won: 41/67(61%)

  Total Return Points Won: 41/80(51%) Total Points Won: 82/147 (56%)

  Q: How were you feeling the second set?

  A: In the second set, it got away from me. I just started making too many errors, and she started making some big shots. Quickly became a deficit for me, but I was still determined to win the set and got to play some competitive tennis out there.

  Q: Elaborate on what you were thinking in the rough patch in the second set.

  A: I was just thinking and still focusing on wining the set still and focusing on not giving much more away than I already had. I was confident if I kept winning games I was going to start making her uncomfortable and start thinking about it.

  Q: You’re one of the first top players to play in the center court. How do you feel about the court condition and atmosphere?

  A: I have already played in Beijing and had experience with playing in the Olympics, so there were no surprises there. Obviously it’s much cooler than in the summer. I have many unbelievable memories from then.

  Q: We noticed that you changed your hairstyle in this visit to Beijing. Where did the creativity come from?

  A: My hair always changes and never stays the same, so I’m the Madonna of tennis, I guess.

  Q: The China Open this year is a little bit later than in the past few years so there is a bigger time difference between the US Open and the China Open. Do you think this helps you play better tennis?

  A: I’ve only played in the China Open once before, and that was four years ago. I thought it was around the same time, but I don’t know. Obviously I’m ready to play tennis at any time because that’s my job. Any time there’s a tournament, I’m ready to play.