Press Conference: Serena Williams (USA)

2009/10/04 22:09
Press Conference: Serena Williams (USA)

  Date: 4th Oct. 2009

  Time: 18:15

  Scores: Serena Williams (No.2 seeded player) defeated Kaia Kanepi (7-5/6-4) and advanced to the second round.

  Stats: Aces: 7 Double Faults:5

  1st Serve %: 53% 1st Serve Points Won: 28/38(74%)

  2nd Serve Points Won: 15/34(44%) Break Points Saved:5/8(63%)

  1st Return Points Won: 8/26(31%) 2nd Return Points Won:20/34(59%)

  Break Points Won: 5/8(63%) Total Service Points Won: 43/72(60%)

  Total Return Points Won:28/60(47%) Total Points Won:71/132(54%)

  Q: Was that a nice challenging match to start off with?

  A: Yeah it was a good challenging match to start off with. It wasn't easy but I felt like I was hitting a clean ball. She's a really good player, she always plays me really tough.

  Q: You withdrew from Tokyo with knee and toe injuries, how are you feeling now?

  A: I'm definitely not at 100 percent, but I'm just fighting and trying to do the best that I can.

  Q: If you do better than Safina this week, you will take over the world number one spot, is that something you're thinking about? Are you determined to do it here?

  A: You know it's definitely on my radar, but honestly I have to make sure I am doing the best that I can, whatever that is. I would love to be number one, but I also want to pay the price to be number one. It will come eventually, if not, I'll just keep trying.

  Q: You and Venus have qualified in doubles in Doha already, do you think this is a big achievement for you to play doubles and singles in year end?

  A; It is definitely our goal to be doubles there, never played doubles at championship before. So we like to try and do everything in our careers at least once.

  Q: Playing both singles and doubles, will this be a tight schedule for you?

  A: Yes, very tight schedule. I prepared myself for that so if anything it will help me wake up, since last year I slept about 20 hours a day, I was miserable. This time I'll be playing a few more matches, it will be a little better for me.

  Q: This is your first tournament since U.S. Open, is the way that it ended still weighing upon you?

  A: I think that the moment happened; I felt I ended it great. I ended up winning doubles, I thought it was perfect, blessed staying in doubles that long, and I was able to come back and end on a positive note, so I was excited about that.

  Q: Are you concerned about potential further punishment from the WTA or ITF?

  A: I know there's talk of investigation, I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment while the case is still going on, it is what it is, I am really excited to be a tennis player. I obviously have such an amazing passion- it's enabled me to have 20-something grand slam titles. I love fighting for every point, for everything.