Press Conference: Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (RUS)

2009/10/05 20:26

  Date: 5th Oct. 2009

  Time: 18:15

  Scores: Pavlyuchenkova defeated V. Williams (3-6/6-1/6-4) and advanced to the third round.


  Aces: 3Double Faults:7

  1st Serve %::55%1st Serve Points Won:30/42(71%)

  2nd Serve Points Won:16/34(47%)Break Points Saved:1/4(25%)

  1st Return Points Won:16/49(33%)2nd Return Points Won:32/55(58%)

  Break Points Won:5/18(28%)Total Service Points Won:46/76(61%)

  Total Return Points Won:48/104(46%)Total Points Won:94/180(52%)

  Q: What was the secret of your success today?

  A: I think the secret was that I just went today and I just wanted to enjoy the match and enjoyed playing out there. I have nothing really to lose and I just win with that spirit on court. I wanted to show good tennis my best and, especially we played last week, so I thought if I’m going to get any thoughts through my mind and if I’m going to start to think about her, about the score, and things, I’m not going to make it. I just tried to avoid all that stuff going through my mind and just started playing and enjoy it.

  Q: What is the secret to beating Venus Williams two weeks in a row?

  A: I don’t know. There are no secrets, I guess. The first time- it actually was the second time in Tokyo- I didn’t think about anything actually. I was just playing and playing, and point by point. I was just trying to move her as much as I could. I just tried to hit shot by shot, more and more. Hit more than her. I just wanted her to play more and move, because I remembered the first time we played and I lost by 6-0, 6-1 in the beginning of the year. I was just rushing and I was just trying to do something unbelievable, I guess. I just tried to play as simple as I can. Today I just tried to do the same thing. She started out way aggressive today. Especially the first set. She was playing much better. She was already preparing for this match more than she probably was last week. She wanted to kill me I guess. She was playing really well, actually in all the match. I’m quite happy.

  Q: Compared with ten years ago in the tour, we now don’t have a lot of teenagers in the tour that are ranked in top thirty or top ten, like it was used to be in the ‘90s. Now we have, like Serena and Venus. Venus is going to be thirty next year. What do you think of the difference between generations? Why aren’t so many younger players emerging out to be superpower to win Grand Slams?

  A: It’s a good question. I was actually thinking about it also before when I was 17- I’m 18 now. I want to win a Grand Slam really so much. Also Sharapova won it when she was 17, really quite young also. And others before. So, why not? I can do this. I’m playing here, and even Venus and Serena are playing really well. It’s tough to beat them and tough to go through. Everyone is playing better tennis now than before. I was really too young, so I can’t say how they were playing and how were the matches before the ‘90s, so it’s hard for me to compare. I know Hingis was playing soft. She wasn’t as aggressive. But, now everyone is playing quite similar, I think, and as you can see, everyone can, in a way, win a Grand Slam. So, it’s not like male’s tournament, the top four are all the same and they are all playing, every time, the same people in tournaments. So, it’s changing. It’s like this a lot. It’s tough to answer this question. I’m doing my best now to go through and win matches and tournaments.

  Q: You lost your serve to love of 5-2 in the final set. Was that a case of nerves? Was that a case of realizing what was about to happen? What you were about to do.

  A: Yeah, I think it was, kind of. My serve is not consistent enough, honestly. So, I’m working on it and trying to improve my serve, because it’s not my biggest weapon at the moment. I mean, I can serve really well if I feel 100 percent confident and everything is comfortable and everything is in good conditions. Sometimes it doesn’t go well, so I’m working on it, trying to improve.

  Well, yeah, I was kind of nervous, a little bit. Because it was a long, tough match, when it comes to the end, you just want to finish it fast. Venus was quite aggressive on the return, so I was just rushing it.