Transcript of Press Conference: Maria Sharapova(RUS)

2009/10/06 17:45

  Date: 6th Oct. 2009

  Time: 16:30

  Scores: Maria Sharapova defeated Victoria Azarenka ( 6-3 / 6-7(5) / 7-5 ) and advanced to the 3rd round.


  Aces: 13Double Faults:8

  1st Serve: 71%1st Serve Points Won:48/85(56%)

  2nd Serve Points Won:13/35(37%)Break Points Saved:4/11(36%)

  1st Return Points Won:31/71(44%)2nd Return Points Won:25/38(66%)

  Break Points Won:9/15(60%)Total Service Points Won:61/120(51%)

  Total Return Points Won:56/109(51%)Total Points Won:117/229(51%)

  Q: In Tokyo's matches, your serve was improved a lot. This time in Beijing, this match, your serve was really splendid. Does that mean your should injury is completely recovered.

  A: Um, yeah. I was really fortunate that in the six matches that I played in Tokyo, I was able to come in day in and day out and serve good and serve better from each match. That's something that's really important because that's something I've really been working on, and I was just really glad that my shoulder held out because if you asked me if I could do that maybe a few months ago, I probably wouldn't have the strength or the energy in my arm to do that six matches in a row and against an opponent like I had today. That was a very important thing because her return is really good and she's really aggressive from the baseline and she tends to attack in the first point, so that was a key in the match.

  Q: The crowd has given you great support today. Do you have a feeling of playing home?

  A: They were so great today. I missed the Olympics last year, so to be in the new arena and to be back in a place where I really had good memories and I felt like my fans always embraced my game and my arrival to China. I felt that from the moment I got off the plane that the fans were very excited to see me. When you go on court, that's a really great feeling because they can really help you when your energy drops a little bit, when you feel like you need a little bit of that extra motivation in the match. They certainly helped me when I was down in third set, so a big thank you to them.

  Q: I want to ask you about that game, 4-5, you had 30-all then deuce. Do you remember what was going through your mind at that point because that was kind of getting you over the hump of coming from behind in the third.

  A: I believe at 2-5 even, she had 30-love on her serve and then love-30 on mine at 5-3, so obviously those games are crucial because if I lost one of those, you lose the match. I just kept to myself no matter what the score was. I knew that the match wasn't really over with until you shook hands. Obviously she's playing great tennis to get there. I felt that my level dropped a little bit. I knew that if I just kept steady and maybe I got an extra ball back and kept going for it and being aggressive, anything could happen, and today it did. I certainly felt like I stepped it up when I needed to.

  Q: After the downfall in the second set, you weren't exactly in the game for the third, but after the eighth game in the last set, you had a quick pullback. Other than the crowd could you please briefly explained what caused you to do that?

  A: I think I was just, I stayed positive and like I said, the match isn't really over until it is, until you shake hands. I definitely felt like my level dropped a little bit. I was making a few more unforced errors than I wanted to, to make the score 2-5. I realized that I certainly don't want to be going home. I don't want to be leaving China that soon, so I just kept going for it and I just kept being aggressive, and I stayed positive. That gets you a long way.

  Q: What would mean more to you for next season, to win a Grand Slam or to regain world No. 1?

  A: To win a Grand Slam.

  Q: Any Grand Slam you prefer?

  A: Probably Wimbledon.