Press Conference: Jelana Jankovic (SRB)

2009/10/06 22:52

  Press Conference: Jelana Jankovic (SRB)

  Date: Oct. 6th 2009 Time: 19:00

  Scores: Jelana Jankovic lost to Shuai Peng (6-4/ 5-7/ 2-6) in the second round.

     Q: Did you expect that this match was going to be such a tough one because before the match you had a smile on your face, and the first half of this match was not that tough for you, but the second part of the match was.

  A: It was all about me because I have a knee injury and my arm was getting better and better, but I wanted to do my best on the court today. It was very difficult, and I couldn’t play my best tennis. Even though in both circumstances I still had a chance to claim both sets, unfortunately, I got into a turn, and it was very difficult for me, so she took advantage of that.

  Q: Is it all the more disappointing because you’re the defending champion to go from the tournament?

  A: Yeah, it’s very disappointing. For me, it’s really not the right time to get injured, especially now because it’s the end of the year with a few more tournaments to play, especially I plan to get in the championships. For me there’s one more tournament to play, and this one was really important for me, especially I was the champion. I love to play here in China. I have a lot of fans here, but unfortunately my arm couldn’t hold up. I couldn’t really hit the ball as hard as I can hit. I played half the pace. I tried the best that I could, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

  Q: Your mom didn’t come to Beijing this time with you. Is that quite influential?

  A: I love having my mom around, but unfortunately there were some other things that were more important in this moment, so she was staying at home because my grandmother died just during the U.S. Open, so I don’t think it’s the right time for her to travel. I’m here with my dad, and I like having my dad as well here. None of this affected me on the court. The most important thing in this moment is to get healthy and so I can enjoy my games very much.

  Q: Why didn’t you ask your coach to coach in the court?

  A: Because I didn’t think I needed the coaching. It was all about me and how I couldn’t hit the ball enough. It was about the strength in my arm.

  Q: You said you’re going to play one more tournament after this. What is it? You’re borderline now for Doha. If you don’t manage to qualify for Doha, would you consider playing in the other championships in Bali?

  A: No, I don’t think so. For me, the good thing is I have one week in between because I lost early here, I still have 10 days or 12 days to recover. Then I’m playing in Moscow, and then we’ll see. Right now I’m No. 8 in the race, so it all depends on how the other girls behind me do. I don’t think I’ll be going to Bali if I don’t make it to Doha. My goal is to go there. I feel like I belong there, and my goal is to compete with the best players in the world, so that is what I would like to try, but unfortunately, you cannot control injuries. You know something’s happening at a bad time, you cannot give your best. You try really hard to be out there and to hit the ball as hard as you can, but you think you’ll be all right, but your arm is giving up, and it’s giving you a hard time. You could probably all see that during the match.

  Q: Could you comment on your opponent today? Which part of the match did she do her best?

  A: You can ask her about that. I wasn’t really concentrating on her, how she was playing. She hit the ball flat, but if I could stay in the rally and hit two shots, I was all right. Then I had 5-3 in the second, so I had everything under control, so she was doing what she does usually. I don’t know how she usually plays. Her two-handed shots are flatter, but nothing really I can say.

  Q: Are you coming back to China Open next year?

  A: Yeah for sure. I really love to be here in China. I love China’s people. My sponsor is from China. I always have a good time here. I have great memories from playing the Olympics, from winning the tournament last year. So I would love to travel back and hope I will be here next year.

  Q: There are not so many tournaments left in this season. In the winter break last season, you chose strength to be your training goal instead of speed. Are you going to be changing anything about your training this year?

  A: Yes, I will be changing differently from what I did last year, so I do not know yet what I’ll do because at this moment I’m focused on finishing the year in the best possible way, and of course getting healthy. My arm will recover. Then I will have some vacation, some time off. Then I will start to think about my training and start preparing for next season.