Press Conference: Elena Dementieva(RUS)

2009/10/07 21:52

  Date: 7th Oct. 2009

  Time: 20:45

  Scores: Dementieva defeated Na Li(2-6/0-6) and advanced to the quarterfinal.



Double Faults:1

1st Serve %:67%

1st Serve Points Won: 21/26(81%)

2nd Serve Points Won: 8/13(62%)

Break Points Saved: 2/2(100%)

1st Return Points Won: 17/28(61%)                                                

2nd Return Points Won: 8/11(73%)

Break Points Won: 5/6(83%)

Total Service Points Won: 29/39(74%)

Total Return Points Won: 25/39(64%)

Total Points Won: 54/78(69%)

  Q: That was quite straight forward. Was it a little bit easy for you?

  A: Yes. She’s a little bit tired. Li Na had great result in the semifinal in Tokyo and she played very well. I was trying to focus on my game.

  Q: Today we have two matches with two Chinese players against two Russian players. Maria lost her game but you won it. How do you comment on that?

  A: Well Russia has good relationship with China. It’s just game on the court. But every time you play with Li Na is very hard. I still remember played against her in the Olympics. Li Na is a very impressive player. I worried about today’s match. Other than that I expected there would be the home crowd and people cheering for her in their own stadium. I was ready for that.

  Q: Your serve is good today. People often say that your baseline was good but your serve was not good. Since you have improved your serve, do you want to change your goal, like wanting to be world No. 1 or winning the Grand Slams?

  A: Yeah, I’ve been working hard and I improved a bit recently but it’s not perfect yet. And I need to keep working on it. But I’m still one day better but struggle with the rhythm another time. I just want to perform solid in the match in the regular basis. This is what I’m focusing on right now.

  This is basically biggest goal in my career. To be No.1 is every player’s goal I think. I don’t think good serve will decide everything, it depends on the whole thing, physically and technically. So yeah, I will keep working on it.

  Q: In this year’s China Open, Chinese players are having good results like Shuai Peng and Shuai Zhang. Will it be a help for you to face these two players potentially later by winning Na Li?

  A: I think it’s not easy to play against Chinese players. Every time you face against them, you need to try to get ready. Chinese players have great reaction on the baseline. You need to work out on the court. Chinese players have improved a lot in these years. Years ago you won’t expect their performance like this. You have to be ready.