Transcription of Press Conference: Serena Williams(USA)

2009/10/08 23:34

  Date: Oct. 2009

  Time: 22:05

  Scores: Serena Williams lost to Nadia Petrova (4-6/6-3/6(5)/7) in the round/quarterfinal/semifinal/ final.



Double Faults:4

1st Serve %:67%

1st Serve Points Won: 53/68(78%)

2nd Serve Points Won: 16/34(47%)

Break Points Saved: 6/8(75%)

1st Return Points Won: 18/62(29%)

2nd Return Points Won: 18/42(43%)

Break Points Won: 2/10(20%)

Total Service Points Won: 69/102(68%)

Total Return Points Won: 36/104(35%)

Total Points Won: 105/206(51%)

  Q: Can you tell us what happened at the end there?

  A: I don't know. I guess the line judge called it out and the umpire called it out. I don't know; I was really confused.

  Q: You really seemed to kick into high gear in the second set. What was happening for you then?

  A: I don't feel like I ever got into high gear. I felt she was trailing me the whole match.

  Q: After the third round today, the top three seeded players are already out. Do you think this was a coincidence?

  A: No, I think we ran into some tough matches. I ran into a girl today that has never played so good in her whole life so I don't know.

  Q: You recently posed naked for ESPN. Can you comment on that?

  A: ESPN had a body issue, and they told me I had a great body and wanted me to be on the cover. So I was super flattered but I wanted to do it classy and not trampy, for lack of a better word. It's tasteful and super cool, and I love it.

  Q: In four all of the last set, you had triple break points on her. Can you tell me more about that?

  A: I honestly don't remember much of any match once I go off the court. I had some opportunities I let slip through my fingers. Had I capitalized on them, maybe I would've won.

  Q: Looking ahead, do you and Venus plan to play the Fed Cup?

  A: Well I can't answer for Venus, but I definitely want to get there. Again it's just hard to see how my body will be after Doha – if I'm walking or if I'm in a wheelchair. Melanie's great. We have a really great team. Frankly they got there without me, but I'd love to go there in support.

  Q: Back to that call at the end, do you think that had an impact? And are you relating to officials differently after the U.S. Open; do you bite your tongue?

  A: I honestly don't know what was going on then. I know I was grunting and fighting. I'm a very passionate player, and I do the best I can in the best manner I can. Obviously I'd be not smart if I were to do the same thing. It's important for people to learn from things they did in the past, and I learned and I would never do the same thing.

  Q: With no more tournaments to go before Doha and with only five points leading in the ranking, what do you think about the competition between you and Safina for No. 1?

  A: My goal is just to do well, and I tried to do well tonight but that didn't work out so well. I can be No. 1 for a week on this tour, but it doesn't matter how many Grand Slams you win. It's more about how many Grand Slams you don't win. My goal is just to do well in Doha.

  Q: Rick Reilly recently wrote a column in "Sports Illustrated" and said you and Venus have the most underreported story in sports. Do you have a reaction to that?

  A: Well everyone always knows me and my sister. When anyone sees me, they know who I am and ask where's my sister – whether I'm in Asia or Africa or the middle of nowhere in Europe. So I think the story is pretty out there to have that kind of reaction. Maybe I can get it out more.