Press Conference: Nadia Petrova(RUS)

2009/10/09 21:31

  Date: 9th Oct. 2009


  Scores: Nadia Petrova defeated Shuai Peng (6(5)-7/6-3/6-2) and advanced to the semifinal.

  Q: You didn’t play as well as last night even though you won the game. Can you comment on that?

  A: It’s hard to come out the following day. I only had little rest yesterday. But I’m happy that I won today.

  Q: You had 27 unforced errors. It is quite a lot or just your usual state?

  A: I might had more unforced errors usually. Tennis is based on winners, not unforced errors. I guess no. I can’t say anything about it.

  Q: Can you comment on your opponent Shuai Peng?

  A: She had a good week and good wins especially in the second round. She pleased the crowd with her performance.

  Q: Shuai Peng took the medical time out in the beginning of the second set. What was in your mind at that moment? Did you want to take the advantage?

  A: I just thought it gave me enough time to take a breath. I felt tired by the end of 1st. I thought I needed to focus to get extra energy to get points.

  Q: 1set, 11game. Challenge in. what did you think?

  A: We both had many challenges called today. I just felt unlucky when I had a set point. The ball just touched the line.

  Q: How do you get your self prepared for the next match against Kuznetsova?

  A: My priority right now is to have proper recovery from this match. I need to feel in and take care of the body, and have a good night sleep. The match will be at late afternoon. So I’ll have enough time to get rest.