Press Conference: Elena Dementieva(RUS)

2009/10/09 22:16

  Date: 9th Oct. 2009

  Time: 20:30

  Scores: Elena Dementieva lost to Agnieszka Radwanska (5-7/3-6) in the quarterfinal.


Aces 0

Double Faults3

1st Serve %:52%

1st Serve Points Won18/32(56%)

2nd Serve Points Won11/29(38%)

Break Points Saved4/10(40%)

1st Return Points Won21/44(48%)

2nd Return Points Won12/25(48%)

Break Points Won4/4(100%)

Total Service Points Won29/61(48%)

Total Return Points Won33/69(48%)

Total Points Won62/130(48%)

  Q: I see that there were so many unforced errors, is that because you are just not in good condition, or just the opponent played a good game?

  A: She is very solid on the baseline, giving everything back to you. The only way is that you have to be aggressive if you want to win, and I wasn’t aggressive enough so I had a lot of mistakes and unforced errors. I wasn’t playing my game, I was playing her game.

  Q: None of the top ranked players have made it to the semifinal, do you think this is because everyone is at equal level, or because this is end of season and everyone is tired?

  A: Well, I think its been a long season and we’ve played a lot of tough matches here and in season as well but I think all the matches here were very close. So the competition here is hard; you have to be 100 percent from the beginning of tournament. While I cannot say for all of the players, I feel like I was just not good enough today.

  Q: Could you talk about the championship game?

  A: This is the biggest event at the end of the season so I was really excited I was able to make it and I have two more weeks to take a little bit of rest and get ready for Doha. It is a very exciting event and all the players will be there. It is really a tough match, so I’m really trying to get ready for this one.

  Q: What are your next plans to do in China?

  A: Well, after you lose a match you are in such a bad mood, you just want to go home. I have to get ready for Doha so I will be preparing for that. I feel very sad to leave in the quarterfinal. I wish I could play longer because I love to play in Beijing. It is a special place for me but yea, I’m just going to go home.