Press Conference: Novak Djokovic (SRB)(2)

2009/10/11 21:04

  Q: As a Serbian is there a special feeling to play against a Croatian?

  A: It doesn’t make any difference to be honest if I’m playing Croatian or whoever I’m playing. He’s one of my best friends, and I have always had best relations on the Tour with Serbian and Croatian guys, so it doesn’t make any difference to me.

  Q: It seems Chinese women are delighted by your charms. How do you feel about Chinese women?

  A: I don’t want to talk about too much details about what do I like in Chinese women or not. Certainly it’s flattering when I hear that I have so many fans in China, and it’s been a great experience for me participating in the tournaments here in Asia and in China especially where I’ve had the most amazing presence and situations that I’ve ever faced with a fan. Last year in Shanghai I got a letter from one fan that said she was waiting for 32 hours to see me and she got a hug, and that was the best moment of her life. When somebody tells you something like that, you must be very fulfilled. It’s a pleasure for me to win the title in front of those people.

  Q: Your family organized a tournament in Serbia. Maybe you know much better than other players how hard it is to organize a successful event. From the perspective of organization, how can China Open improve to be even better?

  A: I don’t know if you’re going to believe me or not, but I’ve met with the president of the ATP, who came here to Beijing two days ago to meet with some people, and I told him that the Beijing Open and Shanghai Open are one of the best tournaments. And why do I say so is because all the small details that the players care about, you know, space, quality of the food, rooms, locker rooms, the hotel, the amenities of the free courts and balls, and all these things are perfect here. The people really pay a lot of attention of satisfying the players and all the people who come here as guests. As you said, I do have organization together with my family of the tournament in Belgrade, which I won this year, and it was the first time we ever organized an ATP event in the history of our country. It was very, very difficult to do it, and it’s the lowest category in of the tournaments. It’s 250, and this is 500, and Shanghai is 1000, so the higher the category goes, it’s more obligations and more things you have to do. Plus this was a combined event, which usually gives a lot more difficulties to organize it to satisfy everybody. But not just because I won the tournament now I’m happy and I’m saying ‘Wow, everything’s perfect.’ Really, I mean so.

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