2009 China Open year-end reception

2009/12/23 11:08

  China Open 09’ has successfully ended with many memorable stories. With new venues, new players and the new images, China Open 09’, lasting for 10 days in total (from Oct 2 to Oct 11), has become a new scene in Beijing. 250,000 spectators, more than 10 million box-office success, and international television relay from 111 countries and regions, these all shows the passion and the attention for the China Open. Beside China Open’s sponsors, more than 46 companies have provided their best services towards the great success of the China Open.

  On December 18, at the Star Theater, China Open promotion Limited(COL) has held a modern drama called “Falling in love with China Open”, which interactively outlines and reproduces the efforts the COL and the partners have made for the China Open 09’. Many VIPs attended this party, including the chairman of the board Mr. Zhang Yabin, the general manager Mr. Zhang Junhui, and the representative of the premier sponsor, the chief manager of the sales and marketing department of the Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive Co., Ltd Mr. Li Hongpeng.

  The story-line of the drama – “Falling in Love with China Open”, revolves around a media company. In the story, the media company has been struggling against financial challenges and the situation continues getting worse and worse until one day the boss happens to know the event of the imminent China Open kick-off. The boss senses this excellent business opportunity and treasures it as the last chance to save the company. Determined to secure this opportunity, the boss announces that he will award those who can get exclusive news from China Open with prizes such as Benz’cars, Kappa’s clothes, SE’s cell phone, ThinkPad’s laptops, Citic’s credit cards and Rolex’s watches (notes: these are products provided by China Open’s premier and platinum sponsors). Highly motivated, all staffs use their every endeavor to achieve the goal: acting as a fan to get a ticket, dressing as Rafael Nadal to get access to the court, building friendships with members of China Open fashion team.

  In light atmosphere and filled with laughs, the drama was successful and it once again vividly reproduced the efforts the COL and our partners have contributed towards the China Open 09’.